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A photo of a smartphone with the words NFT in a frame on a background of bank notesOpenSea platform and the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. This is because choosing these is one of the ways you can create NFTs without paying gas fees (which are necessary, and potentially quite pricey, if you mint an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, for example).

If you need to pay gas fees (the price required to conduct a transaction on a blockchain) when creating an NFT, you will need to sell the NFT for a much higher price in order to make any profit because you will need to at least cover the gas fees that were paid. That is not easy to do… for most artists, at least.

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Without further ado, here is a step-by-step tutorial on what you need to do:

1. Connect an ETH Wallet to OpenSea

First, you’ll need to connect an Ethereum wallet to OpenSea. It can be completely empty — you don’t need to own any cryptocurrency. If you do not already have a wallet, I would recommend using either MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. Both work well, are popular, and are easy to use.

A screenshot of Coinbase WalletMy Collections, and then click Create.

A screenshot of OpenSea for creating a new collectionA screenshot showing OpenSea's collection creation processA screenshot showing OpenSea's collection creation processA screenshot showing OpenSea's collection creation processA screenshot of OpenSea's collection creation processset up a collection, you can start minting NFTs. Just click on your collection and then on Add item.

You can now upload a piece of art (picture, music whatever) and mint it as an NFT. You can also choose how many copies you want to mint. If you have things like stats or unlockable content you get when you purchase the NFT, you also specify those things on this page.

A screenshot showing the OpenSea NFT creation process.A screenshot showing the OpenSea process for selling an NFT.The Crypto-Bears. You can find his collection and purchase his works here.

Image credits: Header photo licensed from Depositphotos

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