NFTs and the Rise From Crypto Heads to Pop Culture

Another week, another record setting week of NFT transactions and awareness in pop culture.

We’ve seen continued support from entrepreneurial heavyweights but also some potent caution as the hype continues to grow. Gary Vee equated it to the internet in the late 90’s…

Although adoption is quickly advancing, it’s critical to be prudent during this phase of rapid growth.

But this is not solely a cautionary tale…

Between Beeple’s historic auction at Christie’s and NBA Top Shot’s soaring sales figures, the growing NFT community is getting some much deserved shine as the transformative technology reaches new heights in mainstream awareness.

And that’s largely what it will come down to. The NFT community includes an incredibly supportive community of digital artists and blockchain loving technologists.

What will ultimately help NFTs cross the chasm from innovators to the early adopters and early majority is support from credible cultural tastemakers and drops from artists, people and brands with existing communities.

As that continues to happen, the possibilities are endless and the pioneers of culture will have a chance to share in the value of their impact.

Whether you’re an artist, collector or technologist, now is your chance to empower the creators and tastemakers as we experience this paradigm shift. Buckle up, it’ll be a bumpy road and won’t happen overnight, but it’ll sure be a beautiful ride.

@samhysell 🌪️✌🏼

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